Odessa, Velika Arnautska,. str 26, office 146

Elevator services, grain purchase, logistics

The elevator is situated in the village of Pen’kovka, Shargorodskiy district, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine. The grain elevator handles more than 250 000 tons of grain per year from private farms of Central and Western regions. LLC “VG TRADE” in Ukraine is distinguished for operational efficiency and flexibility in solving such questions as determining the price of grain acceptance and the cost of the elevator services.
The grain elevator accepts 1500 tons of grain per 24 hours and ships 1000 tons by motor transport. In case of accepting 500 – 1000 tons, the grain can be shipped by railway transport from the station of Yaroshenka of Southern Railways. The enterprise offers competitive prices for carrying grain by own transport in good time.

The independent method of grain quality and weight control allows unprejudiced solving any disputable questions when accepting the goods.
A certified laboratory performs express analysis of the product quality by basic aspects at Ukrainian elevators. The company keeps trainings for personnel on a regular basis, the purpose being the improvement of the speed and quality of testing accepted and shipped cargoes.

The company LLC “VG TRADE” renders services for grain drying, screening and storage. The norm of screening grain – 1000 tons per day. The cost of storage at the elevator depends on the warehouse and the type of storage.
The elevator issues warehouse receipts. The fact of availability of a warehouse receipt is the confirmation of the quality and quantity of the product accepted. A Ukrainian elevator receipt allows selling the product through the instruments of online auctions

Central office: Odessa, Velika Arnautska,. str 26, office 146

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Elevator: Penkovka, Shargorodsky district., Vinnitsa region.

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Procurement department

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"VG Trade" LLC

Harvesting, storage, sale of grain and oilseeds. Logistics, elevator in Ukraine. Own cars of 70 pcs

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