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The facilities for simultaneous storage of grain at the elevator in the village of Pen’kovka, Shargorodskiy district, equal to 27000 tons. Storage types: warehousing and bin storage. Grain can be stored in metal bins with the capacity of 13 thousand tons manufactured by the company Twister (AGI) (Canada), containers for grain storage manufactured by GSI (USA) with the volume of 10 thousand tons and above-ground grain warehouses with the volume of 4 thousand tons.

The choice of the grain storage type, the price of the grain storage and handling depend on the culture and humidity of the grain. For example, the humidity of seed grain subject to sealing must be less than standard by 2-4%.
Optimization and scientific approach applied by our company will help you to minimize natural loss of harvest during the storage at the elevator.

Central office: Odessa, Velika Arnautska,. str 26, office 146

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Elevator: Penkovka, Shargorodsky district., Vinnitsa region.

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