Odessa, Velika Arnautska,. str 26, office 146

Elevator services, grain purchase, logistics

Ukraine is reckoned among the first 5 exporters in international trade in agricultural products. Grain export from Ukraine is growing annually and today it makes 41 mln tons. Wheat export accounts for more that 50% of supplies - up to 25 mln tons. The activity of the company LLC “VG TRADE” offers a full package of agricultural production all the way to its effective realization. Grain is transported to regional elevators in Vinnitsa region and through the terminals of Yuzhnyi, Odessa, Chornomorsk and Nikolayev ports. Delivery of grain for export is possible both by own motor transport and by railway cars loaded at the elevator.
The latest news concerning export prices for grain and terms of delivery for export you can find at the site.

Central office: Odessa, Velika Arnautska,. str 26, office 146

+38 (048) 714-47-85 

Elevator: Penkovka, Shargorodsky district., Vinnitsa region.

+38 (0434) 43-77-63

Procurement department

+38 050 388 5866

+38 050 395 4980

+38 050 461 2784

+38 050 333 4548 

+38 050 500 8875

+38 097 481 6943

"VG Trade" LLC

Harvesting, storage, sale of grain and oilseeds. Logistics, elevator in Ukraine. Own cars of 70 pcs

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